2020 South Australian Regional State Championships World Qualifiers

World qualifiers from the 2020 South Australia regional qualifiers. 
Coverage from this event can be seen in the January-February 2021 issue of IDM 
  Place Competitor School
9-10 Girls      
  1 Niamh Donnelly Miller
  2 Imogen Knight Newry
  3 Mary Bryant Miller
  4 Stella Montgomery Adelaide Academy
  5 Ava Schultz Newry


9-10 Boys      
  1 Connor Tootill Miller
  2 Peter Dinan Adelaide Academy
  3 Tyson Donovan Roberts
  4 Joseph Carey Newry


10-11 Girls      
  1 Ashlea Vort-Ronald Scoil Rince Cashel
  2 Saige Andrews Miller
  3 Faye Spillane Newry
  4 Liza Westley Miller
  5 Ebony Crowe Scoil Rince Cashel


11-12 Girls      
  1 Aislinn Terrington Scoil Rince Cashel
  2 Erin Tootill Miller
  3 Gracie O 'Connor Scoil Rince Cashe 


11-12 Boys      
  1 Luke Dowling Miller
  2 Hudson Exelby Miller


12-13 Girls      
  1 Niamh Sheehy Miller
  2 Caitlin Schultz Newry
  3 Emma Casey Roberts
  4 Bianca Tangorra Roberts
  5 Robyn Denneny Newry


13-14 Girls      
  1 Bridie Mulcahy Newry
  2 Charlotte Exelby Miller
  3 Jade Triplett Miller
  4 Niamh Cussen Miller
  5 Isabella Toubia Newry


13-14 Boys      
  1 Zig Jonats Miller


14-15 Girls      
  1 Alexandra Wheeler Roberts
  2 Holly Abbott Miller
  3 Isabella Reardon Miller
  4 Luci Hancock Miller
  5 Annabelle Moran Miller


15-16 Girls      
  1 Bethany Fleet Miller
  2 Madison Webb Miller
  3 Evelyn Vincin-Walker Miller
  4 Zoe Korovin Miller
  5 Mila Dowling Miller


15-16 Boys      
  1 Brendan Dougan-Kittel Miller


16-17 Girls      
  1 Eryna Guthrie Scoil Rince Cashel


17-18 Ladies    
  1 Breanna Terrington Scoil Rince Cashel
  2 Emogen Hannaford Scoil Rince Cashel
  3 Emma Seidel Seidel
  4 Annabelle Noble Newry
  5 Erin Tingey Miller


18-19 Ladies    
  1 Kailah Hannaford Scoil Rince Cashel
  2 Mollie Hancock Miller
  3 Claire Gantley Scoil Rince ni Murchu
  4 Bethany Ringvall Scoil Rince Cashel


18-19 Men      
  1 Julian Annells Scoil Rince Cashel


19-20 Ladies    
  1 Taylah Attwell-Gill Miller
  2 Hannah Nunn Seidel
  3 Rachel Routledge Adelaide Academy
  4 Amy Feldman Scoil Rince ni Murchu


19-20 Men      
  1 Elijah Reardon Miller
  2 Owen Guthrie Scoil Rince Cashel


20-21 Ladies    
  1 Jessica Cathcart Àdelaide Academy
  2 Rubie Noble Newry
  3 Kaitlyn Page Miller
  4 Caitlin Byrne Seidel


Senior Ladies 22+    
  1 Zoe Lynch Scoil Rince Cashel
  2 Megan Franzon Miller
  3 Olivia Seidel Seidel
  4 Victoria Repo Adelaide Academy
  5 Tessa Jensen Adelaide Academy


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