O-ROCK-TA-STARS 2018 is now open for booking!


Are YOU or your TEAM dancing at an Oireachtas or Championship competition in the November/December time period? Have you dreamed about being seen in IDM? Did you know our August cover star was once an orocktastar? O-Rock-Ta-Stars™ presents an opportunity for dancers all over the world to be in our November issue!  Dancing at an Oireachtas is a huge achievement, so why not wish your dancer or team good luck? 

This is a fantastic keepsake and is part of our coverage in our 2018 Oireachtas Special Feature in our November issue.  The O-Rock-ta-Star™ pages are distributed WORLDWIDE. There are a limited number of slots to wish dancers good luck and once these are reserved we will not be adding more space for O-Rock-ta-Stars™. 

HOW TO RESERVE YOUR SLOT:  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Deadline to reserve your spot is Friday, September 21st, however we highly encourage you to reserve your spot immediately to ensure you will be included.  LAST YEAR’S FEATURE SOLD OUT AND DANCERS WERE TURNED AWAY!  FIRST COME…FIRST SERVE…on SPACE!  So email today to reserve your slot?

WHAT DOES IT COST? With O-Rock-ta-Stars you receive special discounted pricing, making it achievable for everyone to participate.  Prices begin at $99.00/£64.99/€72.99 for a KEEPSAKE in print image and message including 25-35 words (WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION)!  Include an Instagram and Facebook post for an additional $49.99/£38.99/€42.99. Note: Dancers in Europe are charged in Euro, UK in Pound Sterling, USA and Rest of the World in USA Dollars.  And…ask how your dance school or dancer can get a SHOUT OUT on SNAPCHAT the day he/she dances! Creative Instructions:  It’s EASY! Email a high quality digital image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your 25-35 word good luck message.  NOTE: Do not downsize the image when emailing it and please attached it to the email as a .jpg image.  No pic collage or edited/filtered photos (must be an original image from your camera card or phone).  Our master creative department does all artwork FREE!  Just email us your photo and message ASAP. 


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