Innovative Practice Apparel Provides Workout for Dancers!

KILOGEAR Cut is the first wearable workout apparel designed specifically for Irish Dancers. The weighted tops and bottoms mimic the weight of Irish Dance costumes, helping to build balanced muscularity and thereby improving performance. KILOGEAR Cut is an elite form of strength training, activating the dancers major muscle groups and core.

The company stresses their product is safe and very comfortable. Their products are designed, developed and tested by top doctors in sports medicine, renowned trainers and elite Irish Dancers. “Our gear evenly distributes weight, targeting key muscle groups that dancers need to condition and develop. Besides being designed by doctors, strength training is recommended for children ages seven and older by organizations like the Nemours Foundation, Mayo Clinic, American Academy of Pediatrics, John Hopkins, and almost every Children’s Hospital in America,” explains Megan Brown, COO and founder of KILOGEAR CUT. 

KilogearIn terms of performance, the products’ weighted systems target the upper body, core, and lower body muscle groups, making them work harder with every movement. KILOGEAR Cut allows dancers to condition and develop muscles in class or out of class without changing any of the body’s natural bio-mechanics or form. The stylish apparel enables the dancer to safely and comfortably build balanced strength and improved endurance without "bulking up.” Exercises in KILOGEAR Cut help dancers build a sense of balance, control, and awareness of their bodies and movements. 

The company believes their innovative line of workout apparel helps dancers increase their stamina and endurance. Other benefits include a dancer’s ability to increase their explosiveness through jump and kicks along with developing speed, power, and improved posture and arm control. As a natural extension of their KILOGEAR Cut line, the company recently debuted a unique online training program for dancers - KILOGEAR Fitness. The year-long program is designed to address all the functional and athletic areas of the Irish Dancer. Learn more at or


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