There is a new sock on the market that is designed to help dancers keep their eye on their turnout, an essential skill every Irish Dancer needs to succeed on the competition circuit. Turn Out socks may be the answer for anyone struggling with turnout as a new training tool!

Designed by dance teacher Meghan Lucey TCRG, the idea for the socks came out of necessity when trying to help dancers in class. “I tried stickers on the heel of the shoe, but they were too small to see far away and fell off constantly.” Meghan had an aha moment and realized she could design a sock that had a large enough image in the correct location so dancers could see where their foot placement was when looking into a mirror. To test the idea, she began with her own school's logo on the socks, but quickly realized that she could help dancers all over the world by adding more fun designs.

The clever socks showcase a design only on the inside of the leg, ensuring a dancer can see the design in the mirror when practicing. “You can always twist the sock on the leg to avoid excessive turn out, or to shift the degree of turn out you are working on,” explains Meghan. “Always ask your teacher for advice on how to practice properly! Parents love Turn Out Socks because it is an easy way to help their dancer practice at home.”

The socks are available in both girl and boy designs with more designs coming soon! To purchase the socks, and for information on discounted group orders and school fundraising opportunities, check out"


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