To earn your first solo costume is truly a dream come true and there is no better feeling that standing on stage with a costume designed just for you.

Eire Designs
Order your Christmas certificates now toward a 2020 new costume from Eire Designs by Gavin Doherty!

GIFT A STUNNING BOOK – We were WOW’d when this book came into the IDM office – it’s beautiful! Dressing the Celtic Soul, by Linda and Rosemary Cooper, T.C.R.G. of Craggane Designs, is a breathtaking new look at the artistry of solo dresses stripped of their usual competitive setting and reimagined in lush photographic visions of myth and fantasy. This is an amazing gift for a dance teacher, dance mom/dad, or anyone who loves stunning visuals. Only $30.00 softback or $35.00 hardcover. Available at and Amazon. Order by December 13th, for guaranteed Christmas arrival within the US and by December 2nd for projected Christmas arrival internationally.

Throw Away the Tape!

Problem Solved!


For dancers who dislike the chore of taping their shoes, over and over again, Boyne Walk has designed a clever solution called - Cludachs. 


Cludach, pronounced ‘Clu-Dok’, is an Irish word, meaning "cover." The product has been designed to prevent dancers from having to tape and re-tape their shoes at competitions and classes. Not only are they functional, but for those who are concerned about the amount of landfill space in the world, Cludachs provide a solution by eliminating mounds of tape that ultimately end up in the trash bin.

The product is worn over a dancer's shoes leaving the poodle socks visible above the ankle. Cludachs  are designed to be worn tight and they achieve the look that dancers want by lowering the shoe line, lengthening the appearance of the leg and securing the shoe to the foot, all in an easy on - easy off solution. The product is made from a Spandex/Polyester material and they are washable and reusable. An added benefit is they provide an environmentally friendly solution to the tons of plastic based tape used by dancers every year. 

Over the years fewer dancers wear their heavy shoes in competition result photos. Why? Considering two of the three rounds at major competitions are in heavy shoes, it is more likely a dancer wants to wear theirs but also wants the look of a taped shoe. Even for results photos, Cludachs are a fabulous and much needed solution.

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