Irish Dance Jackets from North America’s Cheer Factor: The Apparel Leader for 18 years!  

No-one does Irish Tracksuits and Jackets like Cheer Factor, with their proprietary SubDi II sublimation process. Don’t just differentiate your school on the World stage, with Tracksuits and Practice Wear from Cheer Factor, build your “brand” with an exclusive design. North America’s trusted apparel company, that has helped further the market position and enhance the image of Irish Dance Schools around the world.  Create an ‘Original” only from Cheer Factor- Irish Dance or call 651-340-8345.

ORDER NOW! Request a FREE Design Workbook ! Differentiate your School with Irish Dance Tracksuits and Practice Wear from North America’s go to apparel company, Cheer Factor’s proprietary "SubDi II process enables an “original” design, No other school will have your apparel and it is NEVER DISCONTINUED.  Join such schools as Emerald Isle, Duffy School, Broesler USA, Kelly Academy, Gildea Irish Dance, O’Connor School , Kinsella, Teelin, Legacy Irish Dance and Shea-Jennings to mention a few. Work with Fashion Designers, not customer service reps, to Create the one-of-a-kind Irish Tracksuit and Jacket you have always dreamed of, only from Cheer Factor. or call them at 651-340-8345 to get started.

 …Look for the Authentic Cheer Factor Trademark


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Irish Dancing Around the World

Visit the  IDM Irish Dancing Calendar page for info on the top MAJOR competitions in the Irish Dance World!

Open Platform Feis: Read Entry Details Here- Solo dances are US$10 each, and team dances are $20 per team if dancers want medals in the mail. If they do not want medals, solo

Southern England Championships

INEC Killarney
CRN 2019 World Irish Dancing Championships

CLRG Irish Nationals

Celbridge Manor Hotel, Co. Kildare, Ireland
CRG All Ireland Championships

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